360 Cashmere


360SWEATER is the newest creation from Leslie and Bruce Gifford. At the heart of their beautiful relationship is a love for knitwear. Leslie’s passion for cashmere lets her tap into her New York upbringing and West Coast lifestyle to create a casually sophisticated approach to luxury knitwear.

“I create sweaters and accessories and Bruce brings them to life… what else could a girl ask for except a cool bag and great boots to go with them?” Bruce’s manufacturing background allows him to live up to Leslie’s expectations. “We want to create the most extensive contemporary knitwear in the market. We work closely with the finest yarn producers and factories in the world. We stick to sweaters, because it is what we know and what we love.”

Why 360?
Leslie and Bruce’s love of nature and beauty can only be represented by 360; the number of degrees in a circle. The circle is the most perfect shape in nature. Look around you or up to the stars at night. All you will see are circles. Nature makes no squares, yet all nature craves to be round. We look at all aspects of life as a circle and here Bruce and Leslie come full-circle with 360.