B-Low the Belt

B-Low the Belt is a chic, luxury, trend-setting brand, distinct in its contemporary styles that complete any look. With their luxury handbags and belts, adorned with vintage inspired embellishments B-Low the Belt is timelessly sophisticated with a rock n’ roll edge. Locally produced using only the finest materials, B-Low the Belt accessories have become staples in the wardrobes of women worldwide.

Founded by Los Angeles native Carole Kotler and Cuban-born Ana Schoenberg in 2002, the line is the brainchild of two incredibly creative women, who found an outlet to express originality and artistic candor. Their sensibilities are inspired by various forms of beauty, including music, art, cinema, interior design and architecture, making B-Low the Belt a unique blend of bohemian inspiration and luxurious sophistication.

“Fashion has been a part of my world ever since I could formulate a thought,” says Kotler of her passion for all things stylish. “It’s who I am, a part of how I identify myself. It satisfies this innate need I have to vent creativity.”

The intuition Kotler and Schoenberg posses as it relates to fashion and trend forecasting is something that simply cannot be learned. Using vintage inspired jewels, of-the-moment rock n’ roll-esque studs, and the finest leathers, the line speaks to everyone.

Celebrity enthusiasts include Julia Roberts, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Heidi Klume, Barbara Walters, Christina Aguilera and more.