The Coclico collection finds beauty in the understated, and in the intentionally simple. Primarily inspired by nature, the brand strives to respect its muse in the design and manufacturing process. The collection’s symbol and logo is the poppy flower, “coquelicot” in French. Like this intoxicating and lusty flower, Coclico shoes bloom with time and wear.

Born and raised in the French countryside, Sandra Canselier, the creator of Coclico, descends from a line of shoemakers: her great-grandfather, grandfather and father all designed and produced artisan shoes. After graduating from IPAG in Paris, she decided to strike out on her own in a new country.

Inspired by the energy of New York city, Sandra launched her unique line in 2000, designed for women living modern lives, seeking effortless design, wearable day and night. She then opened the Coclico retail store on Mott Street. The brand has found a perfect home in the intimate streets of Nolita. The collection has gained a following among women who want subtly beautiful, cool, practical footwear.

In 2006 Sandra teamed up with designer Lisa Nading, who is dedicated to meticulous design and construction, and committed to making Coclico an ecologically conscious shoe company.

A Do Good Brand

Coclico partners with Native Energy to track its annual in-house carbon usage and offsets this amount by investing in international renewable energy projects. Coclico was recognized for its dedication to sustainable fashion as the winner of the 2013 Source Award in the footwear category.

Sourcing Process + Transparent Production

Coclico looks for leathers from tanneries that comply to vigorous standards of beauty and sustainability. Each pair is constructed using recycled and renewable components such as cork & natural woods.

Coclico shoes are produced in a small, historic factory in Mallorca, Spain, where the founder is on a first-name basis with the craftspeople who make each pair by hand. Coclico are the only shoes made in this family owned and operated factory The facility is noted for providing livng wages, environmental reliability and setting the bar for best practices. The artisans take pride in the production of their shoes, and their skill ensures the consistent quality of the brand.