Kai Fragrance

Gaye Straza spent her youth vacationing in Hawaii, and always wanted to capture the island’s fragrance.  Years later, after opening the first exclusively upscale women’s boutique in Malibu, California, she developed the Kai Fragrance and sold it at her boutique.  When Straza sold the boutique in 1999, there was so much demand for the fragrance that she decided to continue the fragrance line as a separate company.

Today, Kai is sold at exclusive boutiques and spas all over the world, with many devotees from everyday people to the celebrity world, including Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, Naomi Watts and others.

“Beauty lies in the simplest and purest of things. Kai brings this idea to life by using exotic fragrance and natural essences in our light and intoxicating scent. Kai captures the irresistible fragrance of the tropics in a full line of perfume oil and body products. Breathe in the beauty of Kai, and experience today’s most sought-after fragrance.”