Lauren Merkin Handbags

In the summer of 2002, Lauren Merkin found herself with an MBA but without the creative job she craved. In need of an artistic break from the career hunt, Lauren pulled out the Singer she’d received for her 10th birthday. In whimsical partnership with her sewing machine, Lauren created a classic canvas shoulder bag that seemed to have just the right mix of style and charm.

In no time, Lauren hit the pavement with three bag styles and a portfolio of samples. The “Signature Louise Clutch” became an instant hit and the orders began flowing in
from around the country. Lauren Merkin handbags had experienced major success before its first anniversary. It was barely a blink of an eye before Lauren’s bags were featured regularly on the pages of Lucky, In Style, Marie Claire, Vogue and countless others.

In less than 4 years, Lauren Merkin handbags have developed a loyal following. The Lauren Merkin customer quickly becomes devoted to the quality, timeless style and lighthearted attitude that make Lauren Merkin handbags instantly recognizable. She relishes how the details of her favorite clutch or tote complement her personal style and looks forward to a new shape or color each season.