Love Quotes

A native New Yorker, Phyllis Wiener, is the visionary who introduced the Love Quotes brand to fashion cognoscenti around the world.

With a Master’s degree from Columbia University’s Teachers College, Phyllis taught school children for many years, first in Spanish Harlem and later in Paris where her passion for beauty and keen sense of aesthetics were honed. She then taught in London during the era of the Beatles, the Maharishi and meditation and traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia and Africa.

Returning to the United States, Phyllis put her undergraduate degree in merchandising to work as a consultant to contemporary retailers nationwide. She scoured markets, factories and backrooms for fabulous, undiscovered items that would set those stores and their customers apart from and ahead of the pack.

In 2003, on one of those scouting expeditions, she discovered a factory that produced unique fabrics that could be made into luxurious scarves, wraps, and sarongs at affordable prices and in a gorgeous range of colors. Offered at first only to her consulting clientele, the scarves sold so well that the Love Quotes brand was born and Phyllis’s dream of founding a fashion company with a charitable mission was realized.

Never veering from the path of simple elegance, the collection continually evolves with new colors, fabrics and styles. Today, Love Quotes scarves – the perfect accessory – are a favorite among Hollywood’s A list and can be seen in major magazines. And with 10% of net profits going to international children’s charities, Phyllis has turned once again to the passion she developed during her years as a teacher, improving the lives of children.