Mignonne Gavigan

“At this point in my life and my career, I want to be comfortable with a splash of contrast…. something I can wear every day – dressed professionally or low key and unassuming.”

Throughout her 10-year career as a designer in New York, Mignonne has explored design and honed her skills designing beautifully crafted pieces, from shoes to handbags to apparel. After seeing the intricate artistry that goes into handmade pieces and examining design through different lenses, Mignonne created an eye-catching way to wear beautifully detailed silks and fabrics as statement-making pieces that can transform any outfit. Mignonne first created her signature beaded chiffon scarf necklace in early 2009. The idea was born when she draped a ripped piece of an embellished vintage gown around her neck. Realizing the impact that the ornate beauty of couture gowns could have on an everyday outfit in the form of accessories, Mignonne used her experience with ready-to-wear collections to perfect the pieces that have now been seen on celebrities like Jessica Biel-Timberlake, Kate Mara, Ivanka Trump and more.

Mignonne began her career as a designer studying at Parsons Paris and Parsons New York, during which time she interned with the design team for Marc Jacobs collection. Mignonne moved on as a designer for Form, an aesthetically forward design collective that based its designs on the boundaries of the avant-garde. Since then, she has designed handbags for Khirma Eliazov, shoes for Rachel Roy, and was most recently the senior shoe designer for Loeffler Randall. Her experience has given her the opportunity to travel the world looking for inspiration and materials; this exposure to other cultures and new ways to look at design has played a vital role in her evolution as a designer.