Paper Crown

Paper Crown is a collection for those who wants to have fun…and look lovely while doing so. Lauren Conrad’s designs are a modern take on classic style, with an emphasis on fabric fit to create staples for the contemporary women’s closet.

The collection is composed of romantic dresses, feminine blouses, chic day wear, and tailored basics. The result: an understated elegance that is both effortless and sophisticated.

Founded in 2010 by Lauren Conrad & Maura McManus, the debut collection launched in stores Fall 2011. Now on the 17th collection, the line shows 5 seasons and 6 to 8 deliveries a year, completely designed by Conrad. Her love of fanciful design elements that transcend the boundaries of everyday fashion are beloved by customers & fans alike.

The paper crown brand continues to grow, while maintaining an aesthetic that is fresh and
forward with a feminine charm.