Pedro Garcia

Pedro García is a family company in the shoemaking business. Shoemakers. In
the most traditional sense of the term… and now also the most modern. Pedro
García Amat began the saga; his eldest son, Pedro García Vidal, would later
create a brand with the family name and now his children Mila and Pedro, the
third generation, have given the firm its own identity and an international scope.

The Pedro García modus operandi is both vibrant and traditional. The brand is
built on a foundation of undeniable quality and painstaking craftsmanship. But
design is the real driving force. Grounded, but always looking to take things one
step further. Every pair of Pedro Garcías is the result of a passionate process of
experimentation. Oftentimes, a powerful mélange explosif. Because they merge
opposing concepts to spawn new, hybrid silhouettes; because they juxtapose
contrasting materials and make them match; because the most refined model
can have the simplest insides; because they put a raw, irreverent finish on fine
leather or stunning satin and give it a new uncooked glamour!

Pedro García’s design approach has adopted certain physical attributes that over
time have become iconic. They are PG icons. Putting Swarovski crystals on flat
sandals was the brand’s first hallmark. Then came anatomical soles on high
heels, particularly for styles made in Castoro, an unlined raw-edge suede
cowhide. That idea is yet another PG signature design. The same deliberated
rough-hewn finish was used in the simple and down-to-earth Vacchetta sandals.
Made of vegetable-tanned leather, these sandals have become another brand’s
constant as earthy sophisticated essentials. Lastly, the frayed satin, following
years of research, has also become a recognizable symbol of Pedro García.

Pedro García has always been clearly associated with the “Made in Spain” ethos.
For three generations now, the shoes have been manufactured exclusively in the
province of Alicante. In Elda, a shoemaking city with highly skilled artisans who
have reached manufacturing excellence and truly love their work. Hence, for
Pedro García “Made in Spain” is synonymous with “made with quality by our
people” and that implies a strong sense of social responsibility. Pedro García has
always aimed to have the business make a positive impact on the local
environment with an ethical approach in which 100% of production is
manufactured in Elda. This is the firm’s commitment to remain inseparable
from the “Made in Spain” philosophy and that has become part of its logo.