Rachel Olesker

Rachel Olesker is a self taught jewelry designer whose innovative designs are characterized by a bold and versatile aesthetic. Every piece in her collection is hand-made and no two pieces are exactly alike.

Rachel has always had a love for jewelry born of many different influences. As a young woman, she traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa and spent countless hours collecting native jewelry in the local markets. Later she was an elementary bilingual teacher and then went on to teach creative dance in Chicago Public Schools where she developed a curriculum around the interpretation of current and historical events. She has always been a devotee of pop culture and women’s issues.

Rachel’s jewelry is an expression of her own eclectic style in which she prefers to accent simple apparel with statement-making accessories. Her use of juxtaposed textures, materials and genres gives her pieces a naturalistic quality as well as a flexibility rarely found in jewelry at any price point. Many pieces can be worn as effortlessly with a cocktail dress as with jeans and a t-shirt.

“I create jewelry that I would want to wear. There are many times when I fall in love with a piece and don’t want to let it go. But it makes me happy to know that someone else is going to enjoy it.”