Ramy Brook

My vision is for women who wear RAMY BROOK designs to feel beautiful, look glamorous, and exude confidence, knowing that they are sexy, wearing something special, and look their absolute best.

I have spent over twenty years admiring, studying, and ultimately wearing the fashions of the best designers in the world. My own style developed from bits and pieces of them, from experimentation with their most compelling elements, and my own imagination. I have spent thousands of days with friends looking for the perfect pieces to wear, and talking about what they would ideally be. My sensibility always went to sexy first, in a way that highlights the natural inner and outer beauty of a woman. Often these were low cut tops or mini’s, incorporating the sexy drape of beautiful fabrics in shapely, but comfortable, forms. And most importantly, sexy presented in a sophisticated manner, and complexity where appropriate presented with simple elegance.

It became apparent what my signature style was:

sexy, sophisticated, simple.

I loved making recommendations to people on what would be most stunning on them, and I would increasingly get phone calls from friends saying they just saw a “very Ramy” outfit. It happened so often they would shorten the description to “VR”. I finally decided that I wanted to share my vision of beauty with other women, a dream I have had since I was a young girl in New York, who watched with great admiration the many beautiful, sexy, stylish, and elegant women all around us.