Matthieu Le Blan is a lifestyle artist whose stimulus is none other than a manifold between nature’s panorama, cultural fanfare, and wanderlust.

Born in the south of France’s Air en Provence, “the town of water and art.” Here is where Mathhieu just drew inspiration, bountiful landscapes became the catalyst for his artistry.

With a devotion in art and graphic design at the Eninent ESAG Peninghemn– Paris, Matthieu’s creative curiosity blossomed where he later found himself gravitated to the beating shores and celestial spirit of southern California.

In his moment of sand soaking, wave catching, and city dwelling, Matthieu’s artistic side unfolds; unveiling what seemingly is a marriage of ethereal and insouciant living combined with the Jettison for all things ostentatious. With its eclectic flair, Venice Beach is the backdrop for designer Matthieu Le Blan, where is love for the ocean is spellbound to his soul. Matthieu is the owner and creative director force behind Sundry, a collection precisly for an attitude that embraces diversity and non-conformity. A. As an artist, “Matt follows his own motto: These are clothes to live, travel, laugh and love.”

Sundry is inherent for free-thinkers, whose level of taste fuses high and low culture, defining individuality, and resonating a balance between the city’s impulsive pace, and the outdoor’s rich surroundings. Matthieu continues to focus Sundry towards its staple category of fine t-shirts proudly made in the USA.