The history of Wolford is inseparably connected with the history of fashion. Influences from art, culture, architecture and zeitgeist influence the style and taste of every age. Nevertheless, the distinctive aesthetics of Wolford creations runs like a common thread through the company’s history spanning more than six decades.

The focus is on the female silhouette, representing timeless elegance and luxury whilst gently incorporating current trends. The figure-embracing cuts featuring the best workmanship and quality have inspired Wolford customers around the world for many years. Prominent artists, actors and singers rely on the quality and exclusivity of Wolford products for their performances. The brand is a favorite of the stars, remains discreetly in the background, is worn “underneath” or is actively and visibly put in the limelight.
Wolford products are continually present on the world‘s stages: people like to rely on the European design and quality at the theater, in films and on television. At the same time, Wolford represents an individual decision in favor of luxury and style.

Ever open to creative ideas, Wolford shows how knitting technology can be turned into unique products through its  partnerships with prominent designers. The visual presentation of the brand is distinctive. In the past decades, Wolford has also pointed the way from a visual perspective, remaining faithful to its vision of a sophisticated visual language. Well-known photographers such as Helmut Newton, Howard Schatz, Jean Baptiste Mondino, Bruno Bisang, Thiemo Sander, Günter Kathrein, Francis Giacobetti, Markus Klinko & Indrani and Rankin have effectively captured the essence of Wolford fashion. At present, the puristic orchestrations of the Austrian fashion photographer Wolfgang Pohn dominate the visual imagery of the Wolford brand, which conveys fashionable elegance transcending all product groups.

What began in Bregenz, Austria, on Lake Constance in the year 1950 with the founding of a “company to produce stockings for women from pure silk and rayon” has become an internationally expanding fashion label with a broad product portfolio. The innovative knitting technology continues to be the focal point of the brand, enabling the company to stand out from the competition. Wolford is a synonym for quality and luxury on the skin, now as in the past.