A Do Good Brand

Corporate Responsibility

At AG, our mission is to provide quality product while exercising corporate social responsibility on all levels. We strive to be a positive example of business integrity, and that commitment plays a crucial role in guiding the day-to-day practices and long-term strategies of our company. AG jeans are made in our own vertically integrated facilities, giving us the unique ability to carefully monitor and control our production process. From enforcing a strict ethical labor policy to reducing our environmental impact, we’re focused on creating a forward-thinking workplace and are proud to share the steps we’re taking to make a difference locally and globally.

Environmental Responsibility

Water Conservation

We place a high priority on reducing our water usage. Our production facilities utilize Ozone Technology, which cuts water consumption by 50% while minimizing the use of chemicals and energy. First implemented in 2010, the Ozone process has saved millions of gallons of water.

Eco-Friendly Fibers

Premium fabrics are a core component of our designs, and we source materials that benefit our customers as well as the planet. Many of our textiles incorporate sustainable fibers such as Tencel® and Modal®, which are entirely natural and biodegradable.

Waste Reduction

AG takes great care to reduce the amount of waste we generate. We cut our patterns in a way that maximizes fabric yardage and keeps the amount of leftover materials at a minimum. Excess scraps are collected for recycling on a weekly basis, totaling approximately 1,300 to 1,400lbs per week, and are repurposed as home and car insulation.

Energy Efficiency

We continually invest in the latest technology in order to increase the efficiency of our manufacturing facilities. Our heat-saving equipment recycles heat from commercial dryers, reducing laundry energy consumption by up to 46 percent.


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