AGOLDE is a fashion forward denim label, experimental in both approach and design. Continually seeking inspiration from the classics, the AGOLDE design collective sets out to recreate them with a modern reinterpretation in mind. An AGOLDE silhouette offers the authenticity and rarity found in discovering the perfect vintage pair. As the company continues to aspire and push boundaries, they draw influences globally from many directions of today’s emerging artists, creatives, and individuals. AGOLDE is committed to being thoughtful in the creation of its denim and using advanced methods to reduce its imprint on the global environment, including laser technology, ozone machines, and high-efficiency wash methods.

AGOLDE is a mindfully made brand 

AGOLDE is committed to reducing their global footprint on the environment.

AGOLDE products are manufactured in California and in Turkey, in facilities that they own. This allows them to have maximum control over quality and focus on sustainable technology to lessen environmental impact. For many years AGOLDE has been using advanced technology to process their denim products. Additionally, they invest a great deal to practice positive steps in creating a better environment.

AGOLDE's efforts include a controlled production and distribution process, which minimizes waste; innovative laundry facilities, and the use of recycled and organic fabrics. 

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