Brochu Walker

Brochu Walker is The New American Minimalism - Conscious luxury with European flair. Its understated, rich nature is the ultimate luxury and its attention to detail is thoughtful, deliberate and discreet. The effortless collection is defined by a quality over quantity, less is always more mindset, giving way to refined, alluring pieces that are personal, yet have a definitive character.

Brochu Walker is a mindfully-made brand

In 2020, Brochu Walker launched their #KinderToTheEnvironment initiative that focuses on the concept of ‘Conscious Luxury’. Their cashmere is processed at an RWS (Responsible Wood Standard) mill that is committed to animal welfare. In 2019, Brochu Walker eliminated all plastic packaging and now only uses that made from compostable organic materials. The brand uses recycled woven materials as often as possible and recycles up to 70% of water used during the dye process. To date, their donations to the BEF Water Restoration program have restored over 4 million gallons of water. Brochu Walker also donates samples to charities and works to move their quality, long-lasting clothing to the secondhand market.

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