DL1961 is a family-owned brand, creating premium denim with sustainability at its core since 2008. Overseeing the entire process from fiber to finished garment, DL prides itself on its leading fabric and sustainability technologies.

DL1961 is a mindfully-made brand

95% of old clothes could be recycled, but only 15% are. We've all gotten rid of plastic and old clothes, but where does it all go? DL1961 is taking your old jeans and plastic bottles and turning them into your favorite high-performance denim.

Giving new life to old jeans starts with getting small. They begin the process by shredding old denim and post-consumer waste into smaller and smaller pieces, then weaving those into new yarn with eco-friendly fibers and high-performance stretch.

State-of-the-art dyeing and weaving. The yarns are woven into your favorite lifting, sculpting, comfortable fabrics and dyed using only the highest quality Dystar Liquid Indigo pigments to minimize harmful byproducts.

Post-consumer waste + waterless technology = high-tech denim. Your jeans are constructed and hand-finished using waterless laser and Ozone technologies in their family-owned manufacturing facilities, which are fully compliant with International Social & Environmental Quality Standards.

Your jeans take about 1500 gallons of water to produce. Theirs take
less than 10.Thanks to all the ultra-absorbent fibers and waterless techniques they use along the way. What's more, they treat and recycle 98% of the water they do use in their in-house treatment plant.

The final product is denim you can feel good about, in more ways than one.
Finally, your jeans are quality checked and delivered. You get sustainably-made jeans that make you look your best and feel even better.

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