Eleven Six

A Mindfully Made Brand

 Eleven Six works with master artisans in Peru and Bolivia to thoughtfully craft products of uncompromised quality and beauty, creating, with love, a contemporary collection of luxurious and easy–to–wear knitwear. Committed to supporting women entrepreneurs and small businesses, Eleven Six looks forward to contributing to the education of future craftsmen and women in their art.

The novelty and more eclectic items are handmade by a women’s cooperative of artisans in Peru and Bolivia. These women, empowered and working in an entrepreneurial environment, are dedicated to the production of high quality pieces using traditional textile techniques of hand knitting, macramé, crochet, and hand weaving. The many hours that are devoted to crafting every item make each piece produced by an artisan one of a kind. It’s tag denoting the artist’s signature and an edition number, passes on some handcrafted love to its new owner.

Alpaca is luxurious fiber. Indigenous to South America, the Peruvian Alpaca is shorn once yearly; Eleven Six exclusively uses yarn that is natural, sustainable, ecofriendly and ethical. Baby alpaca, the prime, supple fleece produced by alpacas of all ages, is the primary fiber in each Eleven Six piece. Through the process of evolution, the Alpaca has developed fleece that allows the hypoallergenic fiber to withstand the cold as well as the equatorial warmth. Very simply, that means that Eleven Six collections span the breadth of all seasons, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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