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FREECITY, born in 2001, is a visual language that communicates through storytelling, shared space, graphics, collected materials, sound, color, and symbols.

FREECITY, NEIGHBORHOOD, LIFENATURELOVE, ARTISTSWANTED are the building blocks of what lives within the imaginary FREECITY. More importantly is how these graphics, words, and space relate to the people that experience them. Leaving room for people to imagine what FREECITY means to them. It carries an innocence and simplicity almost like, “I could make that too.”

FREECITY wants to make things that people keep, that hold sentiment and personal memory in this journey of life - inspired by ice-breakers, explorers, liberators, and Mother Nature.

Using local factories with custom developed materials, fabrications, washes and dyes. Prints are hand-thrown, using hand-mixed paint with on-screen mixed gradients - made one by one, in small batches, as this is the only way they can be made. Each one perfectly imperfect.

The final hand, customized detailing, and final home wash are all completed in their workshop in Hollywood, CA. The making of it…is the BEING of it. Not knowing how to make something, and then finding a way to make it is the challenge and the gift of FREECITY.

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