Love Shack Fancy

Inspired by vintage finds, LSF is rich in detail, flattering silhouettes, soft hues, and intricate lace, with an emphasis on whimsical hand-dyed fabrics and enchanting vintage-inspired romantic floral prints. Embracing unabashed femininity and strength, LSF was founded by Creative Director Rebecca Hessel Cohen while immersed in an editorial fashion career. After designing the ideal bridesmaids' dresses for her fairy-tale wedding, LoveShackFancy quickly evolved into a collection of fanciful silk dresses. 

Love Shack Fancy is a mindfully-made brand

Love Shack Fancy is all too aware of the impact fashion has on the planet from water usage to waste and while they are only a small brand, it is the small changes that they continually make that add up to a bigger difference. They are far from perfect, but continually evolving and deeply committed to doing their best. Here are a few of their current programs:

Since day one, they committed to never wasting their beautiful fabrics. They save their scraps and reuse them wherever possible by incorporating them as trims or design elements to limited edition future styles like bags and bracelets.

Biodegradable polybags are used to ship the majority of their products, and they are actively looking to make this commitment across all products in 2020. Additionally, the majority of their boxes and tapes are made from recycled materials.

All their materials are printed on recycled paper.

This year they are focused on working with their partners to use vegetable dyes or dyes from natural waste, and organic fabrics.

They make clothes for women to feel beautiful in and part of that means knowing that the garments were made in an ethical and socially responsible way. To that end, they only work with partners who abide by their Code of Conduct regarding ethical practices, health and safety standards, fair wage and workers rights. All of their factories are not only compliant but agree to periodic monitoring and audits related to a mutual commitment.

Additionally, it is important to us that their partners are mindful of how they operate. Therefore they look for partners that give back to their local communities, actively reduce their carbon footprint, plus support women’s career and educational opportunities. For example, one of their partner's in India is primarily female-owned and has started a foundation to fund the education of the daughters of their employees. Another partner supports remote working for women who possess specialized technical skills but aren’t able to travel for social, familial, or religious reasons

Every collection is grounded with an attention to detail that echoes their love of bespoke techniques, vintage reimagined, and beautiful finishings. LoveShackFancy has become known for matching hand-painted colorful floral prints, ornate hand-embroidered fabrics, intricate handmade crochet and lace, plus elaborate trims.

Their beloved pieces are sourced and produced worldwide with an emphasis on artisanal and handcrafted processes meant to be passed from generation to generation.

They take pride in knowing that good design and small-scale handmade production take time, resulting in lasting pieces that get better with wear.

They engage skilled artisans based on their unique capabilities, creating job opportunities for lost-art traditions. Craftsmanship such as elaborate jacquards created on handlooms and antique hand-sewn sequined gowns, which require hundreds of hours to make. They work with artists to create their signature hand brushed prints. They utilize old-world hand blocking traditions, plus ombre and garment-dipped techniques using Batik or Shibori dyes.

Their custom fabric developments, inspired by 1890 techniques reimagined, include buttery distressed mesh with lace embroidered floral appliqués, hand-rolled flower details, and their Battenburg lace. Plus, they create custom dobbies, swiss dots, jacquards, delicate laces, novelty trims, yarn-dyed florals, and stripes.

As a woman founded and lead organization they are passionate about empowering the women (and men) we work with and dress.

They love their community and know without you they wouldn’t be here. They are always listening to the ways that people encourage them to be more mindful and inclusive in their representation and putting this to practice is a big focus of theirs in 2020 and beyond.

They also wouldn’t be here without their team and fostering their growth and development is also hugely important to the company. This is why they support ongoing training and development opportunities for employees at every level to grow and develop beyond their current skill set.

In addition, they are committed to supporting causes that are close to their hearts and support endeavors supporting women, children, the arts and our planet. 

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