Veronica Beard

A Do Good Brand

About 50-60% of Veronica Beard product, depending on season, is produced here in the US. They also source most of their trimming/button/zippers from local business owners in New York. This is not only more environmentally friendly, but also supportssmall business and the local economy.

They also have a social media campaign called #vbgivesback The two Veronica’s feel it is their duty to give back because they have been so lucky and they have become obsessed with this both in their personal life and business. Each month, a different charity is chosen to be broadcasted over our blog, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. In addition to this, $10 from each online transaction during that month is given back to the charity. The motive behind this campaign is not just to support and raise awareness or these charities – it is to motivate women in all communities to get out and give back in whatever way they are inspired to. The charities chosen have all been started by women to support a cause close to their heart. These women are relatable and it’s eye opening to realize what we can do if we put our mind to it!


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